Upcoming Action RPG Synergy Land Offers Online Island Development Experience

一句话概括– Synergy Land 是一款即将推出的动作角色扮演游戏,结合了岛屿开发、制作机制和丰富的在线体验,计划引入更多引人入胜的游戏元素,如地下城、PvP 竞技场和 boss 战,同时还集成 NFT 来提供收藏资产和充满活力的市场。


  • Synergy Land 是一款即将推出的动作角色扮演游戏 (ARPG),提供完全在线的沉浸式体验。
  • 该游戏由 Elixir Games 开发。
  • 游戏玩法涉及岛屿开发,玩家定制自己的岛屿。
  • Synergy Land 具有强大的制作系统,允许玩家获取材料并将其加工成有用的物品。
  • 未来的更新将引入地下城、PvP 竞技场和 Boss 战,增加更多引人入胜的游戏元素。


Synergy Land 是一款即将推出的动作角色扮演游戏 (ARPG),将为玩家提供完全在线的沉浸式体验。

该游戏由 Elixir Games 开发。


Synergy Land 结合了《动物森友会》、《Farmville》和《冒险岛》等热门游戏的元素。




Synergy Land 提供强大的制作系统。





Synergy Land 拥有不同的生物群落,每个生物群落都提供独特的材料和可制作的物品。


Synergy Land 被设计为一款实时、完全在线的游戏。




Synergy Land 拥有吸引人的图形,包括逼真的阴影。


未来更新和 NFT

Synergy Land 当前的 alpha 版本主要专注于家乡岛屿的制作任务。

The development team has plans to introduce dungeons and more adventurous gameplay in the Q4 launch this year.

Future updates will introduce player-vs-player arenas, PvP pet battles, and RPG-style boss fights.

These updates will add exciting competitive elements to the game.

Synergy Land has already released two NFT collections, featuring profile pictures and badges for players.

The development team plans to expand the use of NFTs within the game.

Characters, bosses, pets, and worker stations will be offered as NFTs in the future.

However, equipment and resources will not be sold as NFTs to players.

Initially released on Solana, Synergy Land’s NFTs were later migrated to the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

This migration showcases the game’s commitment to utilizing blockchain technology.


Synergy Land is an upcoming action RPG that combines island development, crafting mechanics, and an expansive online experience.

The game has plans to introduce more engaging gameplay elements, such as dungeons, PvP arenas, and boss fights.

The integration of NFTs adds a unique dimension to the game’s economy.

Players are offered collectible assets and the potential for a vibrant marketplace.

As players immerse themselves in the visually stunning world of Synergy Land, they can expect a rich and dynamic gaming experience.

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A group of players collaboratively building and expanding an island in a fantasy world.

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– Synergy Land is an upcoming action role-playing game (ARPG) with a robust economy and NFTs.
The game is designed for Windows PCs and will be released on the Elixir Games launcher.
– Fans of games like Animal Crossing, Farmville, and MapleStory may enjoy the island development process in Synergy Land.
The customization options in the current state of the game are limited.
The early gameplay involves selecting locations for various buildings and farmland.
– Crafting in Synergy Land involves acquiring materials and processing them into other materials.
The crafting process takes time, ranging from one to four minutes or more.
The game limits the number of items that can be crafted at a time, slowing down the process.
The crafting mechanics may encourage players to make purchases in the game’s marketplace.
– Different biomes in the game offer unique materials and craftable items.
The game is designed to be a real-time, fully online experience.
– Crops spoil and incubated eggs suffer if players are offline for too long.
The game may require daily logins to complete tasks and chores.
The development team plans to offer vacation periods in future iterations to provide flexibility for players.
– Synergy Land has appealing graphics, realistic shadows, and impressive sound design.
The current alpha version focuses on home island crafting quests and may leave RPG players underwhelmed.
– Dungeons and more adventurous gameplay are planned for launch in Q4 of this year.
– Planned features include player-vs-player arenas, PVP pet battles, and RPG-style boss fights.
– Synergy Land has released two NFT collections, including profile pictures and badges.
The game plans to release characters, bosses, pets, and worker stations as NFTs in the future.
– 装备和资源不会以 NFT 的形式出售给玩家。
– Synergy Land 最初在 Solana 上发布了 NFT,后来将其迁移到以太坊扩展网络 Polygon。