MetaLand and WEB3 social platform Nextme enter into a strategic partnership

MetaLand and Nextme, a WEB3 social platform, have entered into an in-depth cooperation. Nextme, through its role as a medium of traffic distribution center, will introduce more active WEB3 users to the MetaLand ecosystem, expanding the brand influence and spreading power. At the same time, MetaLand will also incorporate Nextme into its huge meta-ecosystem, jointly empowering the WEB3 world.

MetaLand (meta continent) is a decentralized meta universe chain game platform based on blockchain technology. The platform creates a meta-universe game distribution platform with a high degree of gameplay by transforming large-scale games into blockchain and meta-universe deep bottom layers. The vision of the platform is to be the first one in the world to create a chain game platform full of innovation and unlimited possibilities. Currently MetaLand is about to launch the world’s first large-scale decentralized MMORPG role-playing blockchain game, MetaWorld-Continent, which is invested by UvToken’s cloud of top technology teams.

Nextme is committed to building a social economic network that connects creators, brands and users.Focus Creator economy, social graph application, traffic distribution protocol. Not only has a rich and beautifully powerful social portal homepage, but also can freely share dynamics, works, courses, commodities, derivatives, etc. in the community square, which is not limited to communication/interaction/creation/transaction, etc., and the data is also more securely and persistently stored in the decentralized blockchain node, which can realize the brand display and the realization of the influence and value power in a one-stop way. Social Square supports and aggregates 1000+ three-party services. Build decentralized social relationship and content aggregation and traffic distribution center.